Social Responsibility

Having the right team on board as well as supporting partners is critical to producing great wine. 

  • Staff: In addition to various benefits offered to staff, there are also creative and wellness reimbursements available for those who want to pursue artistic training and lessons. Targeting sustainability specifically, Francis Ford Coppola Winery created a “Green Team,” an all-volunteer committee that meets regularly to identify new ways the company can innovate and improve our footprint.
  • Community: From our valued grapegrower program to the house next door, we care about being a good neighbor. In addition to providing great wine – 85% of Rustic’s wine list is comprised of neighboring grapegrowers’ wines -- we also provide cultural events, employment, education opportunities and a destination for all of Sonoma. Proceeds from many of our events are regularly donated back to the community through several charitable organizations.
  • Charity: Francis and Eleanor Coppola are passionate about supporting youth and the arts and regularly partner with organizations to help raise awareness and funds.