At Francis Ford Coppola Winery, all of our planted acres are sustainably farmed and certified through the California Sustainable Winegrowing Program.  Our vineyards use leading water conservation practices including aerial imagery, weather stations, soil monitoring probes, smart scheduling and drip irrigation.  Every drop of water in the winery is used twice, being captured, cleaned and recycled for vineyard irrigation.  Through our integrated pest management program, we promote the biodiversity of our vineyard with beneficial insects, soil fauna, bluebird boxes and owls that combat pests of grapevines.  Soil erosion is prevented through the use of cover crops that also replenish essential nutrients back into the soil.

To further enhance our vineyards and reduce water, we partner with an innovative technology company called Terravion, a real-time aerial imagery service for agriculture. The weekly updates throughout the growing season deliver a birds-eye view of the vineyards in multiple wavelengths. Using this imagery, we’re able to manage vineyard activities, and better pinpoint which areas need irrigation enhancement so that we’re conserving more water.