Set the Stage
for A Discussion of

Dreaming in Chocolate

Pour a crisp cool glass of Director’s Chardonnay, queue up the tunes, and your heart may feel instantly lighter. And now you’re ready to enter the sweet and slightly magical mother-and-daughter world of Dreaming in Chocolate.

  1. Come Around, Rosi Golan
  2. Under My Skin, Peter Bradley Adams
  3. Leave The Light On, FM Radio
  4. Said I Would, One Two
  5. Retrace, Anberlin
  6. Maybe, Ingrid Michaelson
  7. Gotta Have You, The Weepies
  8. Stay Over, The Rescues
  9. Hourglass, Athenaeum
  10. My Only One, The Dejas
  11. Better Place, Rachel Platten
  12. Do I Wanna Know, Arctic Monkeys

Set the Stage
for A Discussion of

The Blackbird Season

Put on some music. Open a bottle of Diamond Collection Red Blend and let it breathe. Then open a copy of The Blackbird Season and take a deep breath too, because you’re about to go on a ride where nothing is quite what it seems.

  1. Blackbird, Delta Rae
  2. Magic, Coldplay
  3. Kiss Me, Ed Sheeran
  4. Million Years Ago, Adele
  5. Stranger Things, Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians
  6. My Obsession, Pale Waves
  7. Sorry, Nothing But Thieves
  8. One More Night, Michael Kiwanuka
  9. Center Of Attention, Guster
  10. Bottle It Up, Sara Bareilles