A beautiful wine inspired by a wonderfully romantic play.


Sonoma County

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“Every great wine starts with a great story. I always loved the play Cyrano de Bergerac, especially the characters. One might say I even developed a crush on Roxane, which is why I jumped at the chance to play the role of Cyrano in my high school play. After delivering the last line of dialogue: ‘My white plume!’ the audience fell silent. There was no applause at all. I have no idea whether it was because I was very good or very bad. (I’d like to believe very good!) To this day, I still think it’s a wonderfully romantic play and suitable for two beautiful wines.”

Francis Ford Coppola

As with many white varietals, Vermentino and Vernaccia are harvested in the early morning hours, quickly pressed and fermented in stainless steel to retain their natural acidity.

Vermentino, a relatively obscure grape varietal in the United States, is grown by one of the pioneers of Carneros, Francis Mahoney. Just as Roxane is a character dedicated to her ideals, Mahoney planted Vermentino years ago even though people told him he shouldn’t. For this wine, we blended Vermentino with Vernaccia, another Italian varietal that has long been popular in Sardinia, where the coastal climate creates a light, refreshing wine to pair with seafood. The Vermentino and Vernaccia that create Roxane are grown in three Sonoma County vineyards that experience a similar marine influence, producing crisp, vibrant expressions of the wine. 

Light and graceful on the palate, Roxane boasts lively, fresh cut citrus aromas crowned by just a kiss of orange blossom. White and pink grapefruit flavors are backed by sweeter notes of tropical fruits, creating a well-balanced palate that is both crisp and fleshy. The juicy flavors finish fresh and clean.


Corey Beck

78% Vermentino, 22% Vernaccia


Stainless steel

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