Visitor's FAQs

What is your picnic policy?
We have plenty of food and drinks available for you at our two restaurants, so we ask that you do not bring outside food & beverages to the winery park. We also offer poolside lunch service from our cafe. You may bring empty water bottles and fill them at our water station located at the Pool Cafe.

Does the winery accommodate pets?
Due to our various food preparation permits, we are unable to invite pets inside the winery gates (including our pool area), with the exception of service animals. If you are traveling with a pet, please know our parking lot does not have shade and on warm days your car will get very hot, very fast.

Our group is arriving in a bus or limo. Where is there parking for larger vehicles?
There is a bus bay located on the east perimeter of the parking lot for buses and limos. Your driver may drop you off in our designated loading and unloading area near the grand staircase before continuing forward and parking in the bus bay.

I am planning a wine tasting trip for a large party. Do we need an appointment to visit?
Yes. We accept appointments daily at 11:30am for groups of 12 or more. Please contact Guest Reception at (707)857-1471 to book your visit with us.

Is the Pool Cafe only for guests using the pool?
All of our winery guests are welcome to dine or get a drink at our Pool Cafe.

Do I need to bring my own towel for the pool?
We've got you covered on this one. Your pool access includes the day use of an oversized towel so there is no need to bring your own. Extra towels are available for a nominal fee.

Are inflatable toys allowed in the pool?
Your safety is our top priority, and because of that, water toys, flotation devices and the like are not allowed in the pool. Coast Guard approved lifejackets will be permitted. If you have questions about this, please see any of our certified lifeguards upon arrival.

Cabines, pool passes, lounge chairs how does this all work?
The commitment to our pool guests is to create a relaxing and safe environment for our guests. All of our programs and offerings are tailored to help you have a wonderful day at Francis Ford Coppola Winery.

We have 32 Cabines (changing rooms), which can be reserved in advance. Cabine reservations include access to the pool for 4 guests as well as 4 lounge chairs for the entire day (11am-6pm). When all of the Cabines are booked, so are all of our lounge chairs. 

Guests who reserve Cabines are welcome to arrive at their convenience, and begin their day with us at any time before 3pm. This is why we may be ‘sold out’ for the day, but many lounge chairs will appear to be vacant. Simply put, those chairs are sold; our guests have just not arrived yet.

Individual pool passes are available for purchase for same day use at Guest Reception upon arrival, on a first-come, first-serve basis. Seating area on the lawn or in white bistro chairs on the pool deck, reserved for use by our pool pass guests. Individual pool passes do not include Cabines or lounge chairs.