I met Eleanor in 1962 upon the occasion of beginning my first feature film in Dublin, Ireland. She worked in the art department and we quickly became fast friends, as we had much in common — coming from artistic families and enjoying food and wine. Our friendship blossomed into a romance and we were married; Eleanor giving me the greatest creative gift possible, children. We moved to San Francisco to raise our new family, and dreamed of having a small country house in the Napa valley with a few acres of grapes. Unexpectedly we found ourselves the owner of a large and beautiful wine estate. We’ve lived on the property with our family ever since, and our love of the land and of winemaking grew beyond our expectations, into wineries in both Napa and Sonoma valleys.

Eleanor has always been a true partner in all my endeavors, bringing her creativity, honesty and generous spirit to it all — she’s wife, mother, artist, filmmaker, collaborator and inspiration. For all this and more, after fifty years of marriage, I want to honor her with ‘Eleanor’ her own wine.

Francis Ford Coppola