Movie Gallery

One of our favorite attractions at the winery is the Movie Gallery, displaying a vast collection of authentic movie memorabilia. Francis’s filmmaking career spans five decades, which means we have some pretty amazing items to explore, including several Academy Awards, Don Corleone’s desk from The Godfather, and the original automobile from Tucker: The Man and His Dream rotating impressively on a showroom turntable. Much of the memorabilia is integrated throughout the property so that you can enjoy it all while you taste wine, peruse the retail merchandise or make your way to our restaurant.

Additionally, adorning the walls of RUSTIC, Francis’s Favorites is a unique assortment of vintage olive oil cans from The Tiziana Riva Guatelli Collection. Tiziana is a dear friend of Francis and Eleanor Coppola, who were delighted to showcase unique and beautiful collection of Italian design that includes more than 4,000 original lithographed oilcans.