Francis Ford Coppola Winery Memberships
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Receive shipments of red wines or a mix of red and white wines four times per year.

Select from our Amanti Wine Family membership and receive 6 bottles of limited production wines four times per year, or our Amici Wine Family membership, and receive quarterly shipments of 4 bottles of wine showcasing our diverse portfolio.


Celebrate the pleasures of wine, food, and adventure with a Wine Family membership. Receive automatic shipments on a quarterly basis, and enjoy incredible member benefits.

First Access to New Wines

Wine and Merchandise Discounts

Exclusive Events

Leaf Art
100% Certified
The Coppola Commitment to Sustainability

Francis and Eleanor Coppola have long supported sustainability throughout their lives and many business endeavors in an effort to preserve the land for generations to come. 

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In 2012, our winery became certified sustainable through the California Sustainable Wine-growing Alliance and we continued this commitment by becoming 100% certified sustainable in 2019.

Sustainable Actions

From vineyard practices to winemaking to restaurant operations, The Family Coppola places a heavy emphasis on sustainability.

Grape Growers Program

The Grower Relations team at Francis Ford Coppola Winery has developed and nurtured long-standing relationships with a network of more than 150 neighboring grape growers.



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