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  • Perfect Your Pizza

    Perfect Your Pizza: Leah Lyon’s “A Bottle of Red, a Bottle of White: Italian Restaurant Ribeye Pizza”

    Inspired by Coppola Diamond Collection Claret and old school Italian Restaurants/Steakhouses, plus my love of cacio e pepe, oyster mushrooms, and fresh tomatoes on pizza. The combination of great, crispy bottomed crust, creamy white wine cacio e pepper sauce, perfectly charred ribeye, two cheeses, mushrooms, red onion, and tomato are amazing. Add a bit of […]

  • Grilling Favorites

    Coppola Diamond Grilled Pizza

    The beauty of this recipe is that it allows everyone to personalize their own pizza to their taste. Once shaped, the pizzas grill up in a matter of minutes, the key is organizing the toppings beforehand. It’s great for an outdoor pizza party and gives the grill another purpose in the season of outdoor dinner […]

  • Perfect Your Pizza

    Funghi Pizza

    Mushrooms are one of my favorite foods to eat since they are so unique, delicious, and healthy.  Their flavors and textures are complex and aromatic which is why I love to drink pinot noir with them. Pinot Noir is elegant and fragrant with a luxurious mouthfeel – just like mushrooms! I’m fortunate to work with […]


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