2017 Winery of the Year

Coming Up at the Winery

First Flight Experience

Enjoy a flight of our limited production wines such as Archimedes, Eleanor, and Francis Coppola Reserve. This tasting will showcase the specialties of the Sonoma region vineyard sites behind our most coveted selections.

12th Annual H-Block Party

Join us for our member exclusive, 12th annual H-Block dinner under the stars of the Alexander Valley. 

A draw for foodies and wine lovers alike, the evening kicks off with a reception in our H-Block vineyard, where you are invited to choose your own vine or visit one from a past year. 

Saint Helena Community Band Concert

Enjoy a live performance by the Saint Helena Community Band in our outdoor Pavilion.

Experience Alexander Valley

Experience what Alexander Valley has to offer at 21 participating vineyards and wineries.

A Tavola

Join us every Tuesday evening for A Tavola! Meaning “to the table,” a tavola (pronounced “a TAH-voh-lah”) is a casual dining experience inspired by Francis’s favorite way of enjoying a meal.

Dancing Under the Stars

Enjoy a lively evening of wine, food, and salsa dancing in our outdoor Pavilion. Dance instruction is included with admission.