2017 Winery of the Year

Coming Up at the Winery

First Flight Experience

Enjoy a flight of our limited production wines such as Archimedes, Eleanor, and Francis Coppola Reserve. This tasting will showcase the specialties of the Sonoma region vineyard sites behind our most coveted selections.

A Tavola

Join us every Tuesday evening for A Tavola! Meaning “to the table,” a tavola (pronounced “a TAH-voh-lah”) is a casual dining experience inspired by Francis’s favorite way of enjoying a meal.

Coppola Presents A Murder Mystery Dinner

Upon checking in, guests will enjoy a wine and appetizer reception along with an introduction to the night's festivities. Guests will then proceed to their seats for a family-style dinner paired with award-winning wines while partaking in the murder mystery theater dinner experience. Throughout the evening, actors from The Murder Mystery Company will be interacting with guests while they try and solve the case. You are encouraged to dress up in the style of the 1920’s as guests of the Dunn Family Mafia Wedding of the Century, for an immersive experience!

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