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To forge a stronger connection between pizza and wine, while building community along the way over shared sips and slices. You don’t have to be a real chef, but you do have to prepare your pizza with a real story and real ingredients, complemented with the perfect Diamond Collection wine pairing.

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Pizza Expert

Dan Richer

For his new cookbook, “Joy of Pizza,” he teamed up with fellow New Jersey native, Katie Parla, a Rome-based food writer and culinary expert, to deliver a gorgeously photographed, methodical encyclopedia of all things pizza. We’ve compiled some of our favorite, easy-to-execute tips to immediately improve your pizzas.

And be sure to follow these Pizza Entertaining Tips from Dan Richer.

2023 Winner

Perfect Your Pizza Year 2 Champion

Timothy Flood’s “Dungeness Crab Pizza”

Living in Northern California, we are such fans of the wealth of local produce, meats, and seafood, and we always try to include those ingredients into whatever we do. One of my favorite delicacies is Dungeness crab and I eagerly look forward to celebrating crab season every year. In San Francisco, they have a crab mac and cheese that is one of the best meals I have ever eaten. The way the sweet crab complimented the warm, savory, cheesy goodness of the pasta was both satisfying and comforting. I wanted to make something that reflected that sense of place and translate some of that cheesy goodness into a pizza format.

2023 Finalists

Julie Beckwith’s “Italian Beef Pizza with Giardiniera Pesto”

The inspiration for my pizza is a beloved hometown classic, the Chicago-style Italian beef sandwich which consists of robustly seasoned, juicy roast beef and topped with giardiniera, a crispy, tangy mélange of pickled carrots, celery, cauliflower, olives and serrano peppers. And, depending on who you ask, also topped with sweet or hot peppers and cheese. I thought it would make for a perfect pizza! A nice glass of Diamond Collection Pinot Noir pairs perfectly with this flavor-packed pizza.

Sean Duffield’s “The Blue Pig”

At least once a year, our family takes the drive to Cape May, NJ, this beachfront, Victorian-era town is steeped in history. We have lunch at the Blue Pig Tavern, known for sourcing produce from a local partner farm. This experience prompted me to reflect on how the identity of New Jersey often remains undiscovered beyond its borders. Both local and indigenous, the humble blueberry takes the lead as the most lucrative crop within the state. As we set out to create this unique pizza, our aim was to celebrate the inherent contrasts of flavors. The bursts of sweet and tart berries, reminiscent of the blueberry’s vibrant character, harmonize delightfully with the creamy symphony of cheeses. To further elevate the ensemble, the crisp saltiness of pancetta emerged as the perfect counterpoint. And, to make this pizza truly sing, the zest of lemon and the sweet tang of balsamic glaze join forces to accentuate every nuance and amplify the sensory experience. Named after the tavern that inspired the choice of ingredients, we find the Blue Pig’s mix of salty and sweet pairs best with the crisp acidity and fruity notes of a chilled glass of Diamond Collection Appellation Series Sonoma County Sauvignon Blanc.

Ronna Farley’s “Poppin’ Prosciutto and Jalapeno Pizza”

I was inspired to create my pizza recipe by my favorite wine, Francis Coppola Diamond Collection Chardonnay and by an appetizer that I had tried at a party. I was very excited when I realized that they pair perfectly together! The appetizer that I enjoyed so much was ham, pepper jack cheese and hot pepper jelly on a toasted baguette. I couldn’t stop eating it! I use a portable outdoor wood fire/propane pizza oven at home and I felt like this is the perfect contest for me! I added several ingredients that I enjoy to my pizza creation. I think it’s a winning combination of sweet and heat. My husband loved this pizza and I am sure I will be making it for years to come!

Partners in Pie: Ooni, Mezzetta, BelGioioso and Hormel Pepperoni.

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Do you love pizza, too? At Francis Coppola Winery, we craft pizza obsessively, we eat pizza religiously, we even make pizza dreams come true. And we know that the right wine pairing can take your next bite of the world’s most perfect food to new levels of cheesy, chewy BLISS. Our pizza-loving wine experts are standing by LIVE at the Coppola Pizza WineLine to help level up your next pizza moment. Text us this summer, pizza peeps, for some pizza-fueled tips on wine pairings for the perfect pie experience.

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