Cinematic Moments Collection

Named after the version of a film which most reflects the director’s vision, Director’s Cut wines represent our winemaker’s vision of varietal wines, which express true appellation character.

In the film business, the “Director’s Cut” emerged as a means for filmmakers to present their own creative vision of a story. At Francis Ford Coppola Winery, Director’s Cut wines were created as a way for our winemakers to craft wines that would reflect their own unique interpretation of the quintessential Sonoma wine.

Enjoy 2 bottles each of the following Director’s Cut wines:

Director’s Cut Cinema – Bright and medium bodied, with flavors of fresh red fruit and wild berries.

Director’s Cut Cabernet Sauvignon – Balanced, rich flavors of juicy black cherry, cinnamon, and marzipan.

Director’s Cut Zinfandel – Features balanced structure with flavors of warm baking spices, wild berry jam, and caramel.


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