Sofia Bottle Charm- Catbird

The Sofia x Catbird wine charm collection draws upon the shared brand notions of ‘playful classics’ and creative collaborations. Introducing two co-created wine-inspired charms celebrating Sofia wines’ 25th anniversary through the creation of Catbird ‘heirlooms’, which are charms designed to be collected, layered, and worn every day.

Created in recycled 14k gold, the second charm is a more classic sparkling ‘wine bottle’ charm. It was envisioned as a memento and reminder to celebrate life.

“We are enormous fans of Sofia’s work and world, and of the ease of Sofia Wine as an accompaniment for everyday celebrations. We view Catbird much the same way — a pleasure meant for always. Working together to make a set of figural charms that can be slipped into a charm jumble, is like telling a small (effervescent!) story together. What a joy!”, Leigh Plessner, Creative Director at Catbird.

“I think of both Catbird and Sofia wines as feminine, fun, everyday classics. I appreciate them joining us to celebrate our 25th Anniversary.” – Sofia


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