The Wines of Francis Coppola Grenache

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Fresh Plum
Fresh Wild Berries
Rainier Cherry

Aromas of plum blossom, light spice come together with notes of fresh tart and plum for a beautiful finish.

Winemaking has been a Coppola family tradition for several generations. So has making art and providing entertainment, from music and cinema to fine dining experiences and more. For Francis Ford Coppola, all these endeavors embody a celebration of life, merely designed with different tools. This wine’s label, featuring Eleanor Coppola’s handwriting, is based on the original label design from the Coppola family’s first wines bottled in the early 1980s. Four decades later, the family’s small wine endeavor is now an established wine legacy.


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Plum Blossom
Red Fruit


Fresh Plum
Fresh Wild Berries
Rainier Cherry