Coppola Feast

Winemaker’s on Deck: Jordan Costello


What is your favorite ballpark food and what Coppola wine would you pair it with?
Peanuts and sunflower seeds! Also love soft pretzels and cheese. I would probably open a can of Diamond Chard to wash all that down.

Most fun tailgate activity is:
Ladder ball and people watching.

If you could sneak any bottle of Coppola wine into the ballpark which one would it be?
I have been loving the new Diamond Rosé. It also is great that it comes in a screwcap – easy to close back up and put in your bag.

 What is your favorite ballpark memory?
My family and I went to the opening game of the AZ Diamondbacks. We got to see the roof open and the start of their franchise. That was such a fun experience!

 What position would you play if you were recruited to play for a weekend?
Definitely outfield! Although I would spend most of my time picking wildflowers on the field and people watching.


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