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"When we began to develop the idea for this winery, we thought it should be like a resort, basically a wine wonderland… A place to celebrate the love of life." -Francis Ford Coppola

Francis Ford Coppola

“I’ve always been influenced by the idea of Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, which was the inspiration for ultimately all modern amusements parks. I remember the beautiful theater pavilions with the curtains painted with peacock feathers that had little ballet performances. At Tivoli, there were rides, but more important than the rides were the cafes and the refreshments, and just the sense of being in a children’s garden, a ‘pleasure garden’ for all people to enjoy – which perhaps is the best phrase to describe what we’re creating here. I thought Francis Ford Coppola Winery could become such a park for the family to go and enjoy, where there are things for kids to do, so they can be close to their parents who are sampling wines and foods.”


The Coppola family purchases the historic Chateau Souverain property in Sonoma County.



Renovations Begin


Grand Opening of the Winery

The winery is unveiled with its newly renovated tasting room, museum, and Rustic, Francis’s Favorites restaurant.


Corey Beck

Executive Vice President Production & Chief Winemaker Corey Beck has more than 20 years of experience in the wine industry. Corey began his career in viticulture quite by accident, tagging alongside his grandfather who was the vineyard manager for Napa Valley’s renowned Chateau Montelena. Corey has a degree in Fermentation Science from the U.C. Davis, and became a part of The Family Coppola in 1998 as an assistant winemaker, and became CEO and Winemaking Chief in 2018. Corey and his team have created a strong grower relations program, and are regarded as leaders in the wine industry for their innovative and engaging approach.

100% Certified

The Coppola Commitment to Sustainability

Francis and Eleanor Coppola have long supported sustainability throughout their lives and many business endeavors in an effort to preserve the land for generations to come.

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